Exciter player is a MUI Frontend for UADE. It`s dedicated for crazy Amiga freaks who loves old Amiga music modules :). But what is UADE ?

UADE (Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator) is a command-line player of Amiga music modules. It was ported for MorphOS by Piru in the year 2005. It can handle over 200 music file formats from Amiga computer (e.g: MOD, MED, AHX, Future composer). Modules played with UADE sound nearly like on a real Amiga, just because UADE emulates many chips assembled on the original Amiga motherboard. That`s why I've chosen UADE as my favorite module player. Unfortunately, it hasn`t got any GUI which could provide more comfortable way of listening to Amiga modules :(

One day I woke up and decided to change this situation, then I started writing my own, simple GUI for UADE. After a few weeks of hard work, GUI fronted was finished! :)

But how to name this "monster" I thought? While I was thinking, I looked on my desk. Beside my keyboard and Mac Mini (MorphOS running on it ;) I saw a CD box. It was Depeche Mode album called EXCITER. Hallelujah!!!

That's how EXCiTeR Player was born! :)